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Creating a Burke playground from conception to reality!

At Burke we love to plan playgrounds because playgrounds are what move us every day! Selecting and installing a playground can be challenging and often times there are more questions than answers. Burke can assist you with the process – from conception to installation to continued service, we are here to support you and help ensure you get your DREAM playground, on-time and on-budget!

Step 1: What do you Need?

Our Burke游乐场设备专家are trained to help you conduct a needs assessment that takes into account such factors as objectives, age of children, space considerations, capacity requirements and budget limitations. And this playground equipment assessment won't cost you a penny.

We"ll also conduct a Site Assessment to analyze all of the details related to your playground including space, budget, site requirements and more. And of course, we"ll help you understand and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

Step 2: Playground Design

Using our incredible EZ Design software, your Burke playground equipment specialist can bring your playground to life, providing you with 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualize your creation. This enables you to select just the options, play structures and activities that best suit your preferences, so you can buy with confidence.

BCI Burke不断汇集游戏,使您向世界各地的社区推向世界,并长期承诺为所有能力的儿童提供游乐场。Learn more about our inclusive play products

Step 3: Build Consensus and Raise Funds

Because of our years of selling to cities, park boards, schools, day care centers, churches, other organizations, we understand the challenges you face in gaining the "buy-in" of parents, voters, trustees and other important stakeholders. That's why we’re prepared to help with everything fromplayground fundraising and grants programsto presentations.

Step 4: Delivery


Step 5: Playground Installation

Some organizations prefer to have us handle the entire installation, whereas others like to take a team approach to build enthusiasm and promote a sense of community through a社区建设。在任何一种情况下,您都可以指望我们确保您的网站准备好并确保您的游乐场安装是正确的,并符合行业安全指导。

Step 6: Instruction

To get the most out of your Burke playground equipment, it’s important that your teachers, parents, caregivers and others know how to supervise children on the playground. That's why we're the only playground manufacturer to provide a comprehensive National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) Supervision Kit absolutely FREE with every modular playground order. It's all part of your Total Cost of Ownership Package.

It is important to regularly inspect your playground. Proper maintenance helps keep playspaces safe, clean and looking great.点击这里to learn more about playground maintenance.

Download our Maintenance Checklist

Step 7: Service

If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it. Call your Burke Representative at1-800-266-1250or contact Burke directly at1-800-356-2070。You can rely on the entire Burke team and our industry-leading warranties to stand the test of time.